Jelly Fusion


Fun and challenging puzzles with jelly squishy physicsThe Jellies are stranded, separated and feel lonely, they love to get together again as one big happy jelly

Are you the hero, are you up to the task ?!
It all depends on you, use your handy jelly cannon and your puzzle solving skills to get the Jellies their wish

Use the cannon balls, to move the jellies closer together, to activate gates, push jellies through portals and more

Unlock achievements, be the top of the leader-board in iOS game center

Fun for both kids and adults

More levels coming soon….

Features :
High quality graphics (with Ratina support for iPhone4 and iPhone 4S)
iOS game center support
Realistic jelly squishy world physics
Designed with both kids and adults in mind
Interactive world with buttons, gates, portals and more

Let the fun begins.

Player”s Reviews

by DrawMonkey

Wow. This one”s super addictive. Gimme more, GIMME MORE!!!

by Cellaction
Best game ever
So fun that I”d rank it number 1 overall in all paid apps
So fun i can”t put it down


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TVOut Genie!

Designed for iPhone, iPad and iPod


Ever wanted to share your Facebook photos on a large screen with your friends. Did you want to take notes in a meeting while projecting what you type to the rest of attendees.

Got an iPhone and would like to play with the camera and show it on TV.

Try out TVOut Genie today and see how it can help you at work, at home and everywhere you go.

No matter whether you have a cable or Apple TV, TVOut Genie is ready to go.
AirPlay can even work in networks where Apple TV or (any AirPlay-enabled device) can not be detected using the iP address directly. (even 3G network)

Using TVOut is very simple and intuitive. You simply choose the widget you like to share on the external screen or TV and turn on the projection. Then simply use the widget.


Built-in widgets:
- Documents (Keynote, Numbers, Pages, PDF, Excel, Word, iWorks, PowerPoint, HTML)
- Web browser (includes bookmarks and keyword automatic search)
- Map (plain map, satellite or hybrid)
- Text editor for notes (with e-mail support)
- Photo browser
Note: TVOut Genie must be granted access to the location services since photos have location information embedded in them
To do that, go to Device settings, turn on Location Services, then turn on TVOut Genie”s entry.
- Facebook (browses your photos and your friend”s photos)
- Camera (on any iPhone/iPod/iPad device with Camera)

For Documents, you can add documents to present through iTunes or through opening documents from another app on the device that supports launching other apps. For example, when you have an attachment in an e-mail, you will have a button in Mail to open it in TVOut Genie.

Your TV/LCD real estate is better used by only projecting the content of the widget you are using. (i.e. no toolbar or controls obstructing your presentation)

TVOut Genie is simply a must have for Apple TV or VGA connector owners.

Note TVOut Genie requires
- AirPlay compatible device (ex. Apple TV) or VGA/Component/HDMI/Composite cable
- iPhone, iPad or iPod.
Note: mirroring through cables is only supported on iPhone 4, iPad 1/2 and iPod 4th gen.

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